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Helping Others To Discover And Live The Free Life In Christ
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FLC’s Life Group University hosts a number of individual small groups 3 semesters a year (spring, summer, fall). The intent of FLC’s small groups is to develop members’ spiritual growth and provide Christian fellowship and personal training. In each group, DVD instruction is given by well-known Christian speakers in such areas as spiritual maturity, practical living, relationship building, personal development, current cultural views, and marriage/family issues. Student guidebooks are used with the DVD teaching to take notes, interact with the DVD instructor, share in group discussions led by the facilitator, and to keep for future reference.
Groups typically meet once a week for 6 weeks in the homes of facilitators/leaders. This warm environment accommodates getting acquainted and establishing relationships with the church family.

Registration for our Fall semester of Life Groups will begin in mid-July. For additional information, please contact Joshua & Nanette Ganganna at jganganna@freelifechapel.org.